Our Partners

Cultivando Sonrisas

Cultivando Sonrisas is a Non-for-Profit Organization based in Medellin, Colombia. The organization takes care of a total of 20 little girls who have been struggling in life since they were born. These beautiful little girls found a place to stay, to eat and to get a proper education. Cultivando Sonrisas is not an orphanage as the parents of the girls exist. However, the organization takes the girls out of rough environments (drug trafficking, prostitution, sexual abuse, extreme poverty…) and help them grow in a healthy place where love and education are the most powerful tool.
Tika Travel is committed with Cultivando Sonrisas. We contribute with a monthly donation that comes from our income, hence, your tours/trips booking.
More information about Cutivando Sonrisas Medellin at http://www.cultivandosonrisas.com/

Casa Kolacho

Casa Kolacho is an independent association of young inhabitants of Comuna 13 (Medellin, Colombia). Their main goal is to empower children and youth of Comuna 13 by giving free lessons of Hip Hop (graffitis, DJ, break dance and rap) and make them stay away from any violence.
Tika Travel is a partner of Casa Kolacho for the Medellin Graffiti Tour. If you book the Graffiti Tour with us, you will contribute to the association as a percentage of the tour goes to them.
For more information about Casa Kolacho, you can visit their Facebook Page @lacasakolacho or https://www.facebook.com/LaCasaKolacho

Logo Corpoayapel


CorpoAyapel is an independent association that aims to plant 1 million trees and mangroves in the marsh (ciénaga) of Ayapel in the region of Cordoba, Colombia. Actually, the development of illegal mines has seriously damaged this large reserve of fresh water, leaving more than 50,000 inhabitants in a critical situation. This swamp is the main source of food (culture, fishing, etc.) and biodiversity of the region. Mangroves naturally slow down and regulate floods. The marsh feeds groundwater and plays an important role in climate change. For every 25 visitors who booked a tour with Tika Travel, a tree is planted to restore this important Colombian water supply. To get more information of the association Corpoayapel, visit their website https://www.theplanetplan.org/apoya-proyectos/ayapel-reverdece/